Ronaldo was allowed to rest by coach Pirlo

According to the Juventus captain, the Portuguese superstar will be laid off in Lao Ba’s next match in Serie A.

In the middle of last week, Juventus had a match in the framework of the fourth round of the Champions League group stage with Ferencvaros. As a result, the champions of Serie A won the final with a score of 2-1 and won a ticket to play in the eighth round.

In this match, Cristiano Ronaldo was placed in the Juventus starting line-up and played the full 90 minutes. He gave football viewers satisfying moments with a great performance. CR7 is also the name that brought the score to Lao Ba with a classy handling phase before having a dangerous close corner.

According to statistics, after returning from the Covid-19 positive quarantine, Ronaldo has played in all Juventus matches. During the national team gathering in mid-November, CR7 also participated in all three matches for Portugal in the Nations League. This has affected the health of the 35-year-old striker more or less.

Ronaldo was allowed to rest by coach Pirlo - Ronaldo was allowed to rest by coach Pirlo

Realizing that his beloved student showed signs of overload, Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo decided to let him rest in the match against Beneveto in Serie A round 9 tonight. This was shared by Pirlo during the pre-match press conference:

“We noticed that Ronaldo is showing signs of fatigue after playing and plowing too many matches for Juventus in the past time. Therefore, after consulting with the team BHL, we decided to let him rest in the match against Beneveto”.

Although there is no Ronaldo service in this match, Juventus will welcome the important return of midfielder Leonardo Bonucci. The 33-year-old was injured after performing his duties at Italy and did not play in the last two matches of the Allianz team.