Lampard praised his opponent, revealing his championship ability

Before the great battle with Everton, Coach Lampard praised the opponent’s main striker and revealed the team’s championship ability.

One of the most anticipated matches in round 12 of the Premier League is the confrontation between Everton and Chelsea. The two teams are showing their beautiful attacking play since the beginning of the season. Chelsea are getting 25 goals in 11 rounds, finishing second in the league while Everton owns the current best striker, Calvert Lewin with 11 goals.

During the pre-match press conference, coach Frank Lampard praised the opponent’s striker. “The England team is having a very interesting fight for the official position. I’m happy that Tammy (Abraham) is qualified to join that group. He is my player so I know it very well, but it is different for your team player.

I don’t know Calvert Lewin well, but I have a lot of respect for him. Looks like he worked really hard to get the results he is today. It’s easy to say, but it takes persistence for a very long distance”.

Lampard praised his opponent revealing his championship ability - Lampard praised his opponent, revealing his championship ability

Not all players have won the main kick in the national team at the age of 17 18 like Rooney or Owen did. Calvert Lewin had to take a different route and now he has proven his ability. From last season to this season, he has improved a lot and is really a threat to us.

Besides, the English teacher is also very humble before the question of whether Chelsea is a candidate for the championship. “I am not sure of that. I’m happy with where I am, but the tournament has a long way to go. I don’t think this is too important because words are of no help to us. At Chelsea it matters how hard you work, understanding what it takes to win the championship, not speaking before a mid-December match. This season is really unpredictable given the variables that have happened. In fact, we may be in the middle of the table, so the Chelsea players need to focus their best. I don’t compare my current performance with expectations but to be honest, I always want more”.