How-To Guide on Rugby Betting

Rugby has millions of fans around the world. Great Britain, Oceania, South Africa, France, and Argentina are some of the countries with the greatest teams in this sport.

To bet on rugby, you must consider that there are two modalities. Rugby Union and Rugby League. Both these have different rules and are perfectly diversified by bookmakers.

The main differences are that teams in Rugby Union have 15 players against 13 in Rugby League. In Rugby League, there are no rucksacks to play the ball. No lines when the ball leaves the field on the side-lines. The try is worth 4 points. In Rugby Union, it is worth 5.

The alternatives for sports betting are numerous, starting with the winner of the match and continuing with other variants.

It is possible to bet on the team that will score the first and last points.

You can bet on which time there will be a greater result. Also, if it will be converted the first try, winning margins, and handicap bets. These are ideal for finding a competitive quota when betting on the favourite.

Most Popular Events to Bet On

World Cup Men

This international Rugby Union competition is played every four years.

Olympic Games Rugby

Since 2016, rugby is back as a Rugby 7 tournament at the Olympic Games.

Six Nations

This annual competition is played between France, England, Italy, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

The options for betting on rugby are endless. It gives life to an interesting and different market.

To start betting on rugby you need to choose a league, study its techniques and get to know its players. Understand the physical and emotional condition of each player. Recoveries from rugby injuries often take a long time and this has a significant impact on the performance of players during a match.

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