about netbizit - About UsDaisy Barkey, our founder, was a sports fan from her college days. Along with her friends, she went to every sports game the university offered. They liked to bet on recreation. But they found out that they were particularly good and always won.

Daisy and her friends decided to specialize in their knowledge of sports betting. They continued to study the history of sports, its players, techniques, and plays.

After college, they opened a small sports betting service. Their prestige made them extremely popular in a short time. Daisy decided it was time for the world to hear from them, and so they founded NetBiz IT. The best website on the internet with the tips, advice, and tutorials you need to improve your skills.

Here you will find all the articles you need to be good at sports betting. You will become a professional. You can also read tips about the best sports betting sites all over the internet.

Daisy verifies all the content that is published on the website. As an excellent professional, she makes sure that the content shared here is verified. She knows that many websites these days share fake information. And that does not happen at NetBiz IT. We only have the best.

Learn everything you need with us. You will know how to balance your time between sports betting and your daily routine. You will understand what sports betting is or how to decipher the moves of each player you bet on.

It does not matter where in the world you are reading from. It also does not matter if you have previous knowledge. Here you will be able to become the best sports bettor you can be.

In practice, we all make mistakes. Here you will read tips that will help you learn from those mistakes, so you do not make them again.

Nowhere else will you be taught to master the game’s statistics. These are sports betting tips based on our experience.